Donate to Kidney Cars. It can save lives.

Mindy and DaveOne of Dave Johney’s earliest memories is visiting his uncle in the hospital as he recovered from a kidney transplant. As a result, Dave became actively involved with the NKF. When it was time for him to buy a new car, what else would he do with his old one but donate it to the Kidney Cars program? Dave knew the proceeds would help the 26 million Americans with kidney disease. And as Dave says, “I even received a nice tax deduction the following year, far more than the mechanic who provided the death certificate for the car offered me.”

Kidney disease once again became a part of Dave’s life when he met and fell in love with Mindy. Mindy happened to be on dialysis, and unfortunately no one in her family was eligible to be a donor. Dave wasn’t a match either but neither one gave up hope. When John Hopkins hospital set up a five-way paired kidney donor exchange (10 people total), Dave quickly agreed to give his kidney to someone else so Mindy could receive her perfect match.

Today, Mindy and Dave are both happy and healthy and engaged to be married.

Are you wondering how you can do a little good this holiday season? Follow Dave’s lead and donate your unwanted car to Kidney Cars to support the millions with CKD. Your donation is tax deductible and you’ll be helping NKF raise awareness about kidney disease and organ donation. Click here to learn more and donate your vehicle today.

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