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We enhance lives through education

1 in 3 Americans are

at-risk for kidney disease.

37 million people

have chronic kidney disease.

660,000 people

live with kidney failure.

100,000 people

are waiting for a kidney transplant.

We are a lifeline for people with kidney disease

Toll free helpline

Kidney disease or transplant can be scary. Speak with a specialist who will answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Contact NKF Cares at 855.NKF.CARES (855.653.2273) or

Patient-to-patient support program

Speak with a peer mentor who shares your experiences with dialysis, transplant or living kidney donation.

We impact lives

Jeff Dawson

"Thank you to the National Kidney Foundation for education, preparation and support aiding me to communicate my story and find a living donor. I am forever grateful for the insight and tools provided."

Alan Camuto

"My kidney function came down to 9%. It was a shock. I had just gotten married. We had plans. The information on this website and everything I’d learned over the years is what got me through this."

Tracy McKibben

"Kidney disease impacts people’s lives in a way that is unimaginable. We didn’t know that it was an option to donate. It didn’t change much for me, but it changed so much for the person that I gave the kidney to."

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Join or renew your NKF professional membership to get access to journals, free CMEs, and more. A portion of your fee is directed to NKF's research endowment fund and supports our lifesaving patient programs and services.
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Dr Nathan Levine

Nathan Levin, MD

"The publication of the 2002 NKF KDOQI Chronic Kidney Disease guidelines, with its standardized terminology and eGFR-based staging system, was the most important thing that’s happened in dealing with CKD patients since I entered the field."

Get involved with NKF

Volunteer your time and help bring positive change for patients, living donors and transplant recipients.
Join our network of advocates and help influence public policy issues.
Sign up for one of our community events and raise awareness and funds to fight kidney disease.
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