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High Potassium (Hyperkalemia)

The information on this page has been design for health professionals as a place to get up-to-date research, educational resources and articles on the subject of Hyperkalemia.
Facts About Hyperkalemia

Facts and statistics that journalists, public health officials, clinicians, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and others can access and distribute to constituents.

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News You Can Use

A list of published scientific papers about hyperkalemia and its treatment; includes short description of the scientific paper and/or findings, along with a link to the published article or abstract. New research will be posted on a quarterly basis.

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Survey Results

This online survey conducted by the NKF sampled 488 adults with CKD. It helps measure the awareness of, and experience with, high potassium among people with CKD.

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Evaluation and Management of Hyperkalemia "Master Class"

PowerPoint slides, speaker-notes, and a presenter instructional video are all part of this educational resource. These Master Class slides can be utilized in grand rounds, local staff education programs, regional medical conferences, or any other live educational setting.

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Videos: Kidney Conversations
Dietary Management of Hyperkalemia in Patients with CKD
A Meeting of the Minds on Hyperkalemia: Nephrology and Cardiology