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High Potassium (Hyperkalemia)

The information on this page has been designed to help patients by raising awareness about the link between high potassium, chronic kidney disease, and congestive heart failure.

Understanding the Dangers of High Potassium: An educational Infographic

Understanding the Dangers of High Potassium: An educational Infographic

A recent survey of 488 adults with CKD measured awareness of high potassium and their experiences with this condition. Despite finding that high potassium was a very important concern among survey participants, results showed gaps in their awareness and knowledge of the condition. To learn more about the full survey results on high potassium and CKD click here

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Videos: Kidney Conversations
High Potassium, and Your Kidneys: A Facebook Live Event
This video features a conversation between a Dr. Les Spry, a nephrologist, and Dr. Laura Byham-Gray, a dietitian.

Filmed live in a studio, it provides information about the dangers and effects of High Potassium and diet as they relate to kidney patients.
High Potassium and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Patients Story
In this engaging video, you'll learn about High Potassium from a patient who is living with kidney disease. Listen as they discuss when they first learned they had a problem, how they've been dealing with it medically and psychologically, how their family and friends play a role in their care and well-being, as well as other important information on this topic.
Living With High Potassium and Chronic Kidney Disease
Hear from a true survivor about how he copes with symptoms of high potassium through discipline, education, will power and the help of his devoted companion.