Regional Recognized Renal Dietitian Award – Region 2

Jen Hernandez, RDN, CSR, LDN

Plant-Powered Kidneys

Jen Hernandez is a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in renal nutrition. She started her renal career, as many do, in dialysis clinics; and has worked in dialysis clinics in Texas, California, and Hawaii.


Jen also worked with the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii to help spread awareness of kidney disease and strive for prevention with early detection and interventions.

She has presented to multiple Council of Renal Nutrition Groups such as Wisconsin, Georgia, and Ohio. She has also given renal MNT presentations to dietetic students and interns to encourage new dietitians to join the renal workforce and think differently about the old renal diet.


In 2018, Jen founded Plant-Powered Kidneys. Jen uses her virtual private practice to help people in all stages of kidney disease, from stage one through transplant, by providing evidence-based nutrition guidelines and recommendations. The clients and students of Plant-Powered Kidneys learn and implement the fundamentals to keep their kidney function so that they can delay or even prevent kidney failure and the need for dialysis.