Susan C. Knapp Excellence in Education Award

Jessianna Saville, MS, RDN, LD, CLT

Kidney Nutrition Institute

Jessianna Saville RD, CSR LDN is the founder and owner of Kidney Nutrition Institute, a collective of expert renal dietitians that focus on advanced renal nutrition strategies for CKD and PKD, as well as resource development for organizations and dietitians.  She is also the founder of RenAlign, a non-profit that advocates for nutrition as a first line therapy for kidney disease through the RenaLIFE and Ren.Nu programs. She was the 2020 NKF Renal Dietitian of the year and has helped pioneer and publish on plant-focused ketogenic diets as well as value based care nutrition. Her organizations have worked hard to advance education of patients and professionals through developing group programs and advanced training on every aspect of renal nutrition. She loves speaking about renal nutrition and quality patient education every chance she gets and has trained and spoken to groups throughout the world.


Outside of renal nutrition, she loves trying new ethnic cuisines, learning anything new and unusual, reading children’s books out loud with fun accents, and mostly unsuccessfully trying to grow a garden.  Along for the ride with Jessianna are her three children and husband, 2 mischievous kittens, and 6 friendly backyard chickens.