Understanding Kidney Disease and Treatment Options

Program Description:

This series of videos provides a comprehensive overview of the kidneys and kidney disease. If you or a family member think you might be at risk for kidney disease or if you have just been diagnosed, this series can provide the information you need. Narrated by veteran nephrologist Dr. Leslie Spry, the videos will help you understand the kidneys' vital role in keeping the body healthy, what you can do to maintain kidney health, how to recognize trouble signs and how to choose a treatment option that's best for you.

& Program Overview

Part 1
Your Kidneys and What They Do

Part 2
Chronic Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms

Part 3
Who's At Risk For Chronic Kidney Disease

Part 4
Diagnosing Chronic Kidney Disease

Part 5
Choosing a Kidney Failure Treatment

Part 6
Taking Care of Your Kidneys