CAPP Elections

2023 CAPP Elections

Nominations are now open. 

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Open Positions

Chair-elect (PA discipline)

The Chair-elect shall become familiar with the duties of the Chair and shall, in the absence of the Chair, perform such duties and shall also have such other duties and responsibilities as assigned from time to time by the Chair and/or the CAPP Executive Committee.

The Chair-elect shall hold office for a term of two (2) years and automatically assume the Chair position, a two (2) year term. The Chair-elect must be a different discipline than the Chair. For 2023, we are seeking a PA candidate.


The Secretary is responsible for minutes from all meetings, live and electronic; will distribute and post minutes; review the CAPP website once per month and may also be assigned other responsibilities and duties by the CAPP Chair and/or Executive Committee from time to time.

The Secretary shall be a CAPP member in good standing.

The Secretary shall be elected as set forth herein and shall serve for a two (2) year term in office. This officer may be nominated and re-elected for one (1) additional term of office.

Please note: Use of the listserv for campaigning or swaying votes during CAPP elections is prohibited. This applies to both nominated candidates and listserv members.