CNNT Awards and Grants


Each year, CNNT calls for nomination for two separate awards: the CNNT Distinguished Service Award and the CNNT Leadership Award. Typical nominees would be those who have made contributions to the field of nephrology in the area of leadership, research, education, or patient services, or in a combination of these areas. Another potential nominee could be a CNNT Chapter that has developed a special project. The nominees for the Distinguished Service Award and the Leadership Award must be current CNNT members. Nominations for the awards are due October 15 each year, with awards given at the following year's NKF Spring Clinical Meetings.

For further information, please contact CNNT's Chair-Elect.

Distinguished Service Award:

Professionals who have made noteworthy contributions in the area of leadership, contribution to the nephrology nurse and technician knowledge base and contribution to patient services.


Award given for recognized contribution such as promotion of CNNT and its goals through lobbying, counseling, patient and professional education materials and/or promoting renal nurse and technician research.

Research Grants

The purpose of CNNT Research Grants Program is to further knowledge of nursing and technician issues in the management of kidney failure. The grants may cover basic or applied research on nursing and technical issues in the area of kidney failure, or early intervention and treatment of chronic kidney disease, or development and evaluation of education programs to enhance patient/family understanding of kidney failure treatment, or demonstration projects related to kidney failure and rehabilitation.

NKF will not be accepting or supporting research applications at this time.