End The Wait Stories

Xavier Keyes

Queens, New York

Xavier's first wait for a kidney transplant lasted 18 months when his younger brother stepped forward and gave him one of his. Ten years later, his new kidney failed and Xavier went back to thrice-weekly dialysis treatment. He worked for nearly 25 years as a social worker in a New York hospital helping others deal with their health issues. He is currently on the waiting list.

Celeste Lee

Carrboro, North Carolina

Celeste was just 17 when an autoimmune disease destroyed her kidneys and forced her to undergo dialysis treatment for three years until she received a transplant. Ten years later, her new kidney failed and Celeste went back on dialysis. Now, despite a demanding career as Chief of Staff for the President & CEO of Duke University Health System and a strict dialysis treatment schedule, she is a tireless advocate for patient rights and has even traveled to Washington, D.C. with the National Kidney Foundation many times to make her voice heard. She has been waiting for a new kidney for close to 20 years.

John Mather

Chaska, Minnesota

Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease shortly after birth, John's kidneys were able to do their job of filtering toxins for nearly 24 years. Then, after waiting for one year, he received a kidney transplant in 2006. Due to unrelated health complications, John's new kidney lasted for only one month and he returned to dialysis treatment. Since then, John has been waiting for a new kidney.