Carol Mattix Award

Jeanetta Wammack, RN, CDN

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

This award was established in honor of Carol Mattix, a home dialysis training nurse of the last century who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of kidney patients.


Jeanetta Wammack, RN, CDN is a Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. She graduated from Baptist School of Nursing in 1994 with a Diploma in Nursing. She began her nursing career at Baptist Memorial Hospital, working in the critical care department. In 1999 she lost her Father to ESRD, this major life event led her to become a dialysis nurse. She has now spent twenty-four of her twenty-nine years of nursing working in the dialysis field. She started her dialysis career at Arkansas Renal Systems working in hemodialysis, doing acute and chronic treatments. She quickly advanced to Clinic Manager, where she remained in management for 13 years, at two different dialysis facilities. Having a desire to return to patient care, she transferred to an adult peritoneal dialysis facility, and later to the pediatric peritoneal dialysis department at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. In 2019 she obtained her CDN, where in 2020 she was recognized by NNCC, and received an Award for the Highest Scorer on the CDN exam for 2019. Jeanetta has worked in almost every facet of dialysis, each of which had its own challenges and rewards. Jeanetta hopes she has many more years to contribute to the dialysis community.


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Past Carol Mattix Award Recipients:

  • 2022: Cheyenne Fasce, RB, BSN
  • 2021: Maria Rosley de Claro, RN, BSN, CNN, FKC
  • 2020: Teri Jo Kinnison, RN, CNN
  • 2019: Anne Diroll, RN, CNN, CLNC