Outstanding Technician Award

Juana Muller, CCHT, CNA

Juana Muller is a young wife and loving mother to a one-year-old. She is the second youngest of ten children. Her parents immigrated from Ukraine to Bismarck, North Dakota in 1991, chasing the American dream and wanting a better life for their children. 


As first-generation immigrants, Juanaโ€™s parents embodied and embedded all of their children with a strong work ethic, a love for one's neighbor, and a desire to serve as Christ served others, both in their speech and behavior. Juana was drawn to the medical field from a young age by of her passion for caring for others and a desire to learn more about the extraordinary design and intricate workings of human biology and anatomy. She began her journey in the medical field by taking multiple medical-related career classes throughout high school; one of which included a certified nursing assistant class where she received her certification. Juana worked as a CNA at a nursing home where she cared for the elderly for two years after high school before getting married.  


Having moved to Huron, South Dakota, she was unsure where her career path would take her; led by her eagerness to learn and try new things, Juana pursued a new in-house dialysis training program offered at her local dialysis clinic. After many hours of shadowing on the floor and learning in the classroom, she earned her CCHT certification, becoming the first participant to complete the program. She is presently considering continuing her education towards her RN degree. 

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