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Renal & Clinical Dietitian Program

This program covers the latest developments in the field of renal nutrition, as well as offers an opportunity to network with your peers.


Strategies I: Foundations of Nutritional Practice for Kidney Disease. This course is designed for new dietitians who wish to strengthen their overall knowledge of the complex nutritional requirements of people with Chronic Kidney Disease and CKD 5 in particular. This all-day workshop will include several topics such mineral bone disorder management, renal anatomy and physiology, kinetic modeling, and much more!

Strategies II: Advanced Practice in Renal Nutrition: Update 2015:  This all-day course offers a much more in-depth look at renal nutrition research and practice. This year, you will learn the physiology of peritoneal dialysis and its connection to nutrition, laboratory assay and interpretation, bone mineral metabolism in CKD and more!   


Are Western Diets Killing Our Patients? This session will evaluate current renal diet recommendations, consider potential harmful effects of animal based protein, and evaluate how we educate our patients to prevent or minimize undesirable effects of the diet.  The newest research and recommendations for CKD diets, with consideration for more plant-based protein sources, increased fiber and less refined foods will also be covered.

The Routine Use of Renal MVI: This session will identify the disadvantages and advantages of using renal multivitamins for pre-dialysis and dialysis patients. Learn how to evaluate patients and determine which individuals would benefit from the use of renal multivitamins.

Calciphylaxis and Vitamin K Supplementation: Learn about the development, progression and treatment options for Calciphylaxis in CKD patients. The role of vitamin K deficiency in soft tissue and vascular calcification will be identified, and recent research on the effects of oral supplementation of vitamin K on vascular calcification and Calciphylaxis will be presented.

Gut Microbiome will cover its relationship to inflammation and chronic kidney disease.  The underlying issues that result in an altered gut microbiome in CKD patients will also be discussed.

Other Hot Topics Include:  Neurological Issues Associated with CKD and DM; Potassium From Baths To Binders; How Does This Change Our Practice?; Protein Nitrogen Balance and Adequacy; Trends in Renal Economics; Use of Biomarkers in MNT; the Role of Exercise for Dialysis Patients and much more!