Transplants for All

At the National Kidney Foundation, we believe that everyone who needs a kidney should get a kidney. Learn about kidney transplantation and living donation. #TransplantsforAll

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Information on Kidney Transplantation

Why get a transplant?

Kidney transplants can provide a better quality of life.

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Thinking About Kidney Transplant?

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Finding a Living Donor

There are many benefits to getting a transplant from a living donor.

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Learn More About the First Steps to Transplant

A self-paced online guide to transplant evaluation and getting on the waitlist.

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Learn More About Finding a Living Donor

Tips to write and share your story. Plus, hear from others who have a received a living donor kidney transplant.

Understanding Living Organ Donation

Considering the Heroic Act of Living Donation

When you donate an organ to someone else, you are providing a life-sustaining gift.

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Where to Start

There is a lot to think about before deciding to become a living donor.

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Navigating the Process

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How to Donate

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Becoming a Living Donor

Learn everything you need to know about donating a kidney in this free, self-paced online program.

Managing Your Health Post-Transplant

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Care After a Kidney Transplant

What is life like after a kidney transplant? Learn how to care for yourself and your new kidney.

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What to Expect After Kidney Transplant

Get information and tips for managing your health after a kidney transplant in this free online program. 

Kidney Transplant and Living Donation Resources

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Connect to Someone Who's Been There

Through the NKF Peers program, speak with someone who has been through the kidney transplantation or living donor process.

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Contact our Patient Helpline

A trained professional will listen to your concerns, help answer your questions, and provide free resources on kidney transplantation and living donation.

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Join Our Online Communities

A safe, supportive, and anonymous place where patients and caregivers can share experiences, ask questions, and get answers related to kidney health, kidney disease, transplantation and living organ donation.

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Find a Local Transplant Workshop Near You

Join an in-person or virtual transplant program in your area.

Get Involved

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Become a Patient Advocate

Add your voice to Voices for Kidney Health.

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Accelerate Patient-Focused Cures and Treatments

Help to positively disrupt care as we know it through the Innovation Fund.
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Provide Salary Support to Living Donors

The Circle of Excellence celebrates employers and organizations that help eliminate barriers to living donation.

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Continuing Medical Education for Healthcare Professionals

Professional Education Resource Center (PERC) is designed for professionals committed to improving patient outcomes.

Transplants for All Initiative: Our Goals

We imagine a world where no one dies waiting for a kidney transplant.

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Increase Living Donation

Double Living Donations by 2030

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Increase Deceased Donation

Double Deceased Donations by 2030

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Increase Equity in Transplant

Reduce Disparities at Each Step to Transplant by 2030

Get Involved

Learn more about how you can contribute to the lifesaving work that's advancing Transplants for All.

Transplant Advisory Committee

Thank you to our multidisciplinary leadership group for their ongoing contributions in the shaping of NKF’s Transplants for All Initiative.

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Honor a Hero. Save a life.

On this special day of giving, we honor the many kidney community heroes leading the fight against kidney disease with acts of courage, compassion, support and hope. People like YOU powering NKF’s work and lifechanging progress for every loved one affected by kidney disease. Who will you honor?

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This program is an example of our multifaceted efforts in upholding an unwavering commitment towards achieving KIDNEY EQUITY FOR ALL.