How do I donate a kidney?

How do I donate a kidney?

If you have two healthy kidneys, you may be able to donate one to improve or even save someone else's life.

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Do you know someone who needs a transplant?

If you want to donate to someone you know, such as a family member, friend, or someone in your community, your first step is to contact the transplant hospital where they’re waiting for a transplant.

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Whether you have someone in mind to donate to or not, your next step is to contact a transplant center to start your evaluation.

Remember that this process takes time, and you can be evaluated to donate at more than one center. Every center is different, but your health is the top priority at each one.


Some centers offer additional support to those considering living donation.

You can find out more about your options through these organizations:


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National Kidney Registry

We are the largest paired exchange program in the world and provide unequaled Donor Shield® protections for our donors including reimbursement for lost wages, travel & lodging. Our Family Voucher Program also protects donors’ families in the event a family member ever needs a transplant.
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Find a Transplant Center

You can also contact a transplant center in your area to ask about being a living donor. To find a list of all transplant centers in the U.S., visit the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) website. Then follow these steps:
  • Select "Transplant Centers by Organ" under Member 
  • Select "Kidney" for Organ Type
  • Select your state or region