Current Transplants for All Initiatives + PDFs

No one should die while waiting for a kidney transplant.

Join us in saving lives, one kidney at a time.

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The problem is simple: 

Only a fraction of adults with kidney failure will ever receive a transplant and every day over a dozen lives are lost while waiting.


The solution will take all of us: 

We imagine a world where no one ever dies because a transplant is out of reach.


We aim to profoundly disrupt the landscape of kidney disease treatment and save countless lives in the process. Learn more about how you can invest in this transformative and lifechanging work.

Our comprehensive goals include:

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Increase Living Donation

Double Living Donations by 2030

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Increase Deceased Donation

Double Deceased Donations by 2030

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Increase Equity in Transplant

Reduce Disparities at Each Step to Transplant by 2030

Act now and be a part of this critical mission!

By becoming a part of our mission and making an investment in these critical objectives, you can play a vital role in providing hope, prolonging lives, and ultimately make a significant impact on those affected by kidney failure. Join us today in making a real difference. 


Embark on your meaningful journey of support, compassion, and impact. Learn more about how you can contribute to the future of kidney health by exploring the different avenues of collaboration and support available.

Current Transplants for All Initiatives:

Investors have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of new technologies, the expansion of education programs, and the advocacy for legislative measures aimed at promoting kidney health equity, fostering inclusivity in transplantation, and increasing accessibility to life-saving transplant procedures for all individuals in need.

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Many patients and healthcare providers lack the knowledge or resources they need to choose the right treatment or navigate the complex transplant process. Our programs provide comprehensive education for patients, living donors, and healthcare providers.

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Project ECHO

Patient care depends on innovative learning for healthcare providers. That’s why we use Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), a validated and accredited telementoring program that unites healthcare providers and subject matter experts to implement the latest in kidney care.

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Advocacy Fund

The current transplant system is failing too many kidney patients who face a long, uncertain wait for a transplant or may never be listed at all. We established the NKF Advocacy Fund to ensure that the voices of all those affected by kidney disease have a voice — that every loved one receives the care they deserve.

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Innovation Fund

Building on our long history of reducing barriers to innovation, the Innovation Fund invests in early- to mid-stage companies that are developing ground-breaking therapies to fast-track kidney disease treatments.

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Peer Mentorship

Kidney patients or people affected by kidney disease often feel isolated on their journey — even with the support of their doctors or family members. Our peer mentorship programs — including NKF Peers and Patient Navigator — connect people with shared experiences to help them feel more confident, supported and heard.

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Health Equity

Kidney disease disproportionately impacts communities of color and people in rural areas. And yet, these patients are far less likely to be evaluated for a transplant, access the waitlist, or survive when their health is failing. We refuse to accept that reality. That’s why the National Kidney Foundation is committed to increasing accessible and culturally-sensitive transplant opportunities for everyone to live the healthiest possible life.