Love Your Kidneys - February 2017

February 2017
This simple action will help give kidneys the attention they deserve on World Kidney Day: Sign up for our Thunderclap campaign and donate a tweet or a Facebook post today. Let your voice be heard! 
Diabetes and high blood pressure can cause damage to both the heart and kidneys. Many people don’t experience severe symptoms until their kidney or heart disease is quite advanced, but there are some warning signs. Could you be ignoring them?
Many people won't get a transplant simply because they don’t know how to ask. Whether you need a kidney or are considering donation, let us help you start the conversation
Fueled by passion and urgency NKF government relations team is dedicated to ensuring that the Trump Administration recognizes chronic kidney disease as a public health priority.
Many companies will DOUBLE (or even triple) contributions made by their employees to organizations like NKF. No need for chocolate and long-stem, red roses…Make a donation in honor of someone you love this Valentine’s Day, and ask your employer to double your dollars