Love Your Kidneys - January 2015

January 2015

 Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common. During a natural disaster, blackout or other emergency, many of the services we depend on daily may be interrupted, including dialysis treatment. Use these tips to be prepared and protect your kidneys.

Still undecided about making a New Year’s resolution? Here’s an idea: adopt a diet that has been proven to lower your risk for kidney disease, kidney stones, and heart disease. If you’re serious about a change in 2015, we want to help you get started on a healthy track. Here’s to a happy and healthy year ahead!

Kitchen counter with veggies

Jeff Zhang believes there are ways to identify kidney damage before it can be detected through ACR and eGFR tests. Through his NKF-funded research, he’s developing new protocols to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to detect kidney disease and to address potential kidney problems from contrast dyes. Learn more.

A lot of money is at stake and together we can make a big difference! Please vote for the National Kidney Foundation as your favorite Run for a Reason charity and help us continue our fight against kidney disease! Voting ends on January 12, 2015.