Love Your Kidneys - January 2017

January 2017
2016 was the year of YOU. It was the beginning of evolution and revolution in the way that we reach people and help them. It was a lead-in year, gathering momentum for big changes in 2017. See the list of our top 10 accomplishments in 2016. 
Kati donated a kidney to her children's elementary school principal. Now, she offers real-world advice to those considering living donation through the NKF Peers program. Learn more. 
This January, turn your New Year's Resolution into a Team Kidney campaign and raise important funds and awareness for NKF. Whether you are training for a big race or kicking a bad habit, you can positively change lives...including your own. Register your Resolution today! 
Nobody does anything perfectly. Something you’ve missed, or didn’t do as well as you might have, is just another opportunity to learn and grow. Look back over your shoulder, learn, and be happier and healthier in the year ahead.
We advocated relentlessly on behalf of kidney patients in 2016 to prevent, detect and treat CKD early, to improve access to high quality kidney care and medications, and to increase access to kidney transplants. Learn more.