Love Your Kidneys - March 2015

March 2015

In honor of National Kidney Month, make these three actions part of your regular routine, right along with brushing your teeth! A few small lifestyle changes can make a big impact on your kidney health.

You may not often think about your urine, but it’s actually the easiest and most effective way to detect early kidney damage. Urine testing is quick, easy and non-invasive, so find out what a sample can reveal about your kidneys. If you’re at risk, get your kidneys checked for free at an upcoming KEEP Healthy screening. 

Celebrate kidney awareness with a healthy selfie. Snap a shot while drinking water, a reminder that the kidneys are vital organs, and tag NKF in your Instagram photos. Use the hashtags #watermodel and #worldkidneyday.

According to a new report published in NKF’s American Journal of Kidney Diseases, more than 50% of people aged 30-49 could develop chronic kidney disease in their lifetime. Find out how this alarming trend may lead to new interventions to slow kidney disease progression.