Love Your Kidneys - November 2014

November 2014

Did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure? High blood sugar levels can have a damaging ripple effect in many parts of your body and can harm the kidneys. In honor of November being Diabetes Awareness Month, here are 6 more surprising facts about diabetes and the kidneys.

While typically “symptom silent” in its early stages, chronic kidney disease often develops over many years. According to a new study published in NKF’s American Journal of Kidney Diseases, there are health indicators in adolescence that can predict who will develop kidney failure later in life. Find out what red flags to look out for and why it’s never too early to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Pay tribute and celebrate the courage of a loved one or friend facing kidney disease by pinning a virtual kidney on our Wall of Hope. You can also post a note and upload a picture to honor your kidney hero’s spirit and pride. Help us spread hope in the fight against kidney disease.