For Kidney Patients

Were you told you need dialysis or a transplant?

Are you on dialysis and having a hard time?

Are you thinking of home dialysis?

Have you received a kidney transplant?

Living Kidney Donation

Are you considering donating a kidney to someone?

Have you donated a kidney and want support?

Talk to someone who’s been there!
Speak with a trained peer mentor who will offer support and
share their experiences with you.

Call 855-653-7337 (855-NKF-PEER) or
email nkfpeers@kidney.org today!!


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About NKF Peers

  • A national, telephone-based peer support program from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
  • Connects people who want support with someone who has been there
  • Helps people adjust to living with chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, or a kidney transplant. Also offers support to those considering living kidney donation or who have been have been living kidney donors.

How do participants interact with each other?

  • Participants are connected through a toll-free, automated telephone system. No one discloses personal phone numbers or incurs long-distance charges.
  • The automated telephone system allows participants to leave voicemail messages for their partners and block calls at certain hours.
  • Telephone services are provided free-of-charge by the NKF.

To learn more: Call 855-653-7337 (855-NKF-PEER) or email nkfpeers@kidney.org

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