Love your Kidneys Newsletter August 2010

August 2010

Lung, Heart Recipients Compete with Gratitude to Donor Family

Fifteen-year-old Colbey Oglesby of Lockwood, MO, played volleyball, was a cheerleader and had dreams of one day becoming a photographer or beautician. When she obtained her driver's license she told her mother, Stacey, two things: that she hated her smile in the photo and that she was signing the back to designate herself as an organ donor—an action that led to her saving the lives of eight other people. On July 30-August 4, Colbey's mom joined two of those people and thousands more at the 2010 National Kidney Foundation U.S. Transplant Games, held in Madison, WI.


Top 5 Ways to Make Healthy Choices When Dining Out This Summer

Too hot to stand over the stove this summer? If you're planning to take it easy by dining out, be aware that most restaurant food has higher-than-expected amounts of sodium, protein and fats. The National Kidney Foundation offers 5 ways to make healthy choices when dining out so you can relax and stay healthy this summer.



Connecting the Kidney Community Online

Did you ever walk into a room full of strangers only to find out 10 minutes later that you knew someone's father, another's boss and a third person's kid plays soccer with yours? All of a sudden you get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the people who were previously unfamiliar. Now you can find out instantly how you're connected to thousands of people all over the country and help kidney patients and the National Kidney Foundation in the process. Click here to learn how.


Racial Disparities in Organ Transplants Are Increasing

African-Americans around the country are waiting years longer than Caucasian patients for kidney transplants, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, led by National Kidney Foundation President, Dr. Bryan Becker. African Americans comprise 13 percent of the country's total population yet they represent 40 percent of those on dialysis and one third of patients waiting for a kidney transplant. African-Americans are several times more likely to develop hypertension and diabetes, the leading risk factors for chronic kidney disease and kidney failure, than whites.



A Light Summer Treat from the Kidney Kitchen

Catching up on all your social obligations this summer and inviting friends and family over every weekend? The Kidney Kitchen has a light, easy and beautiful rum pear tart dessert to cap off any dinner with a flair.