Love your Kidneys Newsletter March 2014

March 2014
What Does Your Pee Say About Your Health?

Your next bathroom break may expose more than you realize. Before you flush valuable health information down the drain, check out 5 health insights your pee can offer.

March is National Kidney Month and March 13th is World Kidney Day

Help us spread the word about following a healthy lifestyle and protecting the organ we hold so dear by sharing, posting and tweeting on social media using the hashtags #kidneymonth, #nkf and #worldkidneyday. Be sure to also tag us in your Instagram photos. Our handle is @NationalKidneyFoundation.

DASH Diet May Reduce More Than Just Blood Pressure

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet has long been recognized as ideal for reducing high blood pressure, and now new research shows that DASH may also reduce the risk for developing kidney stones. Get the details.

It’s Rap-Tastic

Sidney the Kidney is back and better than ever with his second rap single, Get Yourself Tested. In his latest hit, Sidney’s helping spread the word about taking care of your kidneys and getting tested. Watch the video and get the lyrics here. Be sure to share Sidney’s music video with friends and family!

Vegetable Fried Rice

It may still be chilly outside, but that’s not stopping us from heating things up in the Kidney Kitchen. Unlike most take-out fried rice, this recipe is low in sodium and kidney-friendly. Healthy eating is a great way to show your kidneys some love for the work they do 24/7.

Chef Duane