E-Kidney Newsletter May 2009

May 2009
E-Kidney Newsletter May 2009

Staying Fit With CKDStaying Fit with Kidney Disease

Thinking about running a half marathon this spring? Or removing your laundry from the treadmill and actually putting it to use for its intended purpose? The benefits of exercise extend beyond improving muscle strength and maintaining a healthy weight to controlling blood pressure and promoting sounder sleep. Regular exercise will also make it easier to get around and do your daily tasks while still leaving some energy to pursue other activities you enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, kidney patients can take part in vigorous exercise and reap all the benefits. For tips on how to begin an exercise program, including suggestions on different types of exercise and frequency, click here.

Join a Kidney Walk in your area and enjoy some healthy exercise in a noncompetitive, fun atmosphere while benefiting the 37 million Americans with chronic kidney disease and the millions more at risk.


Lifelong FriendsLifelong Friends First Share Schoolbus Seat...then Kidney

On Saturday May 16, Maureen Wirth will pound the pavement in her fourth Healthy Kidney 10K in New York City, but this time she'll be missing something -- a kidney. Wirth, who participated as a runner twice and as a volunteer once at the race, recently donated one of her kidneys to her childhood friend, Amy Nash.

Click here to learn more about Maureen's donation.

Join Maureen at the 2009 Healthy Kidney 10K.


Hypertension FuelsHypertension Fuels Chronic Kidney Disease

The greater the severity of hypertension, the greater the likelihood of kidney impairment, according to data from the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP). Even more concerning is evidence that more advanced stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are present once one surpasses the relatively mild blood pressure elevation of 130 mm Hg.

KEEP screenings are held throughout the year in the United States. Find one near you.


Having a Hard Time Shopping for Your Favorite Patient or Professional? Check out NKF's New Online Store

If you're planning for Mother's Day or thinking ahead to graduation for kidney patients, family members or health care professionals, NKF's newly-launched online store is fully stocked with the perfect gifts. Visit and make shopping less of a headache while benefiting the 37 million Americans with kidney disease and the millions more at risk. Featured items include "Love Your Kidneys" hats, mugs, blankets, umbrellas, wristbands and magnets plus kidney cookbooks and other gifts. The store also offers all NKF professional and public educational materials on kidney health and treatment. So whether you are searching for that perfect item for a special person in your life or simply want to show your pride for the hardest working organ in the body, it's all one keystroke away.


Octogenarian Gives Up Driving and NKF Gets "Daddy's Caddy"

Parting with his beloved 1994 burgundy-colored was not an easy task for 88-year-old World War II veteran, Raymond Schmidt. The car was as dear to him as an old friend and giving it up took away his decades-old title of "driver." But fathers will do anything for their daughters and Schmidt swallowed his pride when all four of his girls told him the time had come to relinquish his driver's license.

Despite his sadness at losing both his independence and his car, Schmidt felt good knowing that the donation of the car that his daughters affectionately dubbed "Daddy's Caddy," would help a cause very close to his heart. Or make that his kidney.

Schmidt chose to donate to Kidney Cars to honor his youngest daughter, Janet Banks, who owes her life to the kidney donation she received in 1997. Banks and her three sisters are all proud of their dad. They know Daddy's Caddy will pump new life into patient and community services and education for kidney patients, adding one more accomplishment to his already lengthy list of life triumphs.

It's easy to donate to Kidney Cars. For more information click here.


A Mother's Day Treat from the Kidney Kitchen

On the second Sunday of May, Americans give thanks to all the mothers who sacrifice endlessly for their families and loved ones. Some say thank you with a greeting card, others present their mothers with colorful arrangements of flowers and still others bedeck them with jewelry. If your planning to bestow a gift at your Mother's Day brunch, the Kidney Kitchen offers an apple puff dessert to complete the package.



Sun Woo Kang: His Research Hits Home

Normally a reserved and modest man, NKF researcher Sun Woo Kang's paternal pride overrides all shyness when the topic turns to his two boys. "They look just like me," he says of 9-year-old Seung-Oh Kang, and 4-year-old Minseong Kang. "Though they are really much more handsome than me!"

What keeps Kang working long hours in the laboratory at the Center for Human Genetics and Genomics, at the University of California at San Diego, is the fear that with his handsome genes, he also may have passed along a more lethal legacy to his sons: a precursor to kidney disease.