Love your Kidneys Newsletter October 2013

October 2013
10 Fall Exercise Do’s and Don’ts

Why wait until January to start on a health kick or launch a new fitness routine? This season, the weather’s more moderate, so seize the day and protect your kidneys with 10 simple tips!

NKF Research Spotlight

Dr. Alex Chang is studying the impact phosphorus has on early-stage kidney patients to determine whether avoiding added phosphorus decreases cardiovascular risk for kidney patients. Learn more about this important, cutting-edge research.

Pumpkin Pepper “Hummus”

Pump up your Sunday football spread with this kidney-friendly twist on the classic dip. It’s very easy to make and serves as the perfect snack or appetizer — no trip to the pumpkin patch required!

Organ Donation – Laugh Out Loud Funny?

Alonzo Bodden, winner of the reality-television series Last Comic Standing, jokes about his experience donating a kidney to his brother. Watch his comedic rant here.

Science Fiction or Reality: Can Scientists Print Human Organs?

Some tiny first steps have been taken in the futuristic drive to create organs “in a test tube.” Find out what NKF Board Member, Dr. Stephan Pastan, has to say about the future of 3D printing techniques to create organs.