E-Kidney Newsletter September 2009

September 2009


Tune in to "Kidney Now" Episode of "30 Rock" on September 3 and Support NKF


On Thursday, September 3 at 9 pm EDT, the now famous "Kidney Now" episode of "30 Rock," the Emmy Award-Winning NBC comedy starring Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, will air once again. The episode features special guest star Alan Alda whose character needs a kidney transplant and a specially written song -- "He Needs a Kidney." The song, performed by top musical talent Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Mary J. Blige, Cyndi Lauper, the Beastie Boys, among other, can be purchased on iTunes for only 99 cents and all proceeds go to NKF. Click here to support NKF and download the song.


Childhood Passion Ignites Long-Term Interest in Nephrology

The uneasy expression on her mother's face did nothing to dissuade pre-schooler Melissa Yeung from taking every opportunity to find worms and mush them into her pockets for later study. Yeung wasn't trying to gross out her mom, she was simply doing what, at age 30, she wryly refers to as "worm anatomy."

Yeung, who grew up in Toronto, is a nephrology fellow at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, where she works in the lab at the Transplant Research Center. To read more about Melissa and her National Kidney Foundation-funded research click here


Depression Linked to Kidney Disease, Even in Early Stages

Depression has long been associated with end stage kidney disease, but a new study published in this month's American Journal of Kidney Diseases, the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation, found that 20% of patients with early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) also suffered from depression.

To read more about this research click here


Kidney 101: Get To Know Your Kidney

While you're in back-to-school mode, buying notebooks and knapsacks and sharpening No. 2 pencils, take a step back and a moment to learn something for yourself about one of the body's most essential and hardest working organ – the kidneys.

High blood pressure, puffy eyes and swollen feet are just a few of the warning signs of kidney disease. Learn the other symptoms as well as how your kidneys work then take the Kidney Quiz.


Donor Lora on left
Recipient Dee on right

Matching Gifts Help End the Wait

by Lora Wilson, Living Donor
As a non-directed donor, I was told that my kidney was a match for a 71 year-old woman from New Jersey. I imagined a lonely widow who perhaps had an adult child with health issues that prohibited living donation. After surgery, I was surprised to learn that my recipient, Dee, came from a very large family afflicted by genetic kidney disease in multiple generations.

I had expected to help only one person, but quickly learned that my gift had helped many by giving them back their mother and grandmother. We all want our gifts to have the largest possible impact. One of the goals of NKF's End the Wait! Initiative, is to maximize the impact of each donation through a nationwide paired exchange program.


Bring a Kidney-Friendly Taste to that End of Summer Barbeque

Labor Day weekend is approaching and you may be planning your final barbeque of the summer. As you pound your cutlets and fire up the grill, don't grab the usual sodium-packed marinade sitting on your shelf. Take a few extra minutes and whip up this easy and kidney-friendly BBQ Pineapple Chicken recipe from the Kidney Kitchen.



Spread the "Love Your Kidneys" Message with Your Morning Cup of Joe

Whether you fill it with your morning coffee, midday soup or evening tea, the "Love Your Kidneys" mug is a warm way to show your support for the kidney cause on a daily basis.

At just $4 for NKF members and $6 for non-members, this 12 oz. white ceramic mug makes a great gift for friends and family members, health care professionals and co-workers. Shop for this and other "Love Your Kidney" merchandise at the NKF store.