Checking the Filters: Your Car AND Your Body

When's the last time you checked your filter?

Before you think about calling your mechanic, think about this: we're not talking about your car. We're talking about your body. Your car actually has three filters. Your body has only one filtering system: the kidneys. And this miraculous pair of fist-sized organs is responsible for keeping your human machine clean and running smoothly, for a lifetime.

As National Kidney Month (March) and World Kidney Day (March 13) approach, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is leading a campaign to remind all Americans that maintaining their body's filter can be as routine as regular engine check-ups. That's because taking just a few simple tests can help keep those internal filters trouble-free.

But you can get even more mileage from this road trip. Once you've checked under your human hood and made sure your kidneys are functioning properly, you can then use your car to make yourself feel even better by supporting the NKF.

How? It works like this:

NKF's Kidney Cars Program enables people to turn in their aging car, van, truck or even boat and very likely receive two benefits they wouldn't get from a regular dealer trade-in: a tax-deduction, if they itemize on their taxes and a good feeling. Eighty-four (84%) percent of Americans who donated vehicles to the Kidney Cars Program itemized their tax returns.

The second benefit is a good feeling, the kind you get when you give something that helps people in need. When you donate your vehicle to the NKF Kidney Cars Program, your gift will pump dollars into patient services, education, research and free screenings for those at risk to check out their body's filter.

More than 40,000 Americans put the petal to the metal last year and accelerated their charitable giving by donating cars to the Kidney Cars Program.

Join them today, click here to donate your car

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