Walking to Give Others a Wake-up Call

Sometimes cold calls actually work. Herman Phillips was an accomplished career Navy Officer with an expertise in communications. After being diagnosed with kidney disease and ultimately receiving a transplant, Phillips decided he wanted to merge his professional talents and personal experience to get the word out about kidney disease. Not knowing where to turn, he blindly called the National Kidney Foundation. And a long term relationship was born.

Since that day, Phillips has spent nearly all his free time on the clock for the National Kidney Foundation. He's laced up his sneakers and walked in every DC Kidney Walk since the program launched in 2002 and has raised $20,000 over the years. The first time he walked, he did so while on dialysis and he's since formed a team and took on the leadership role of team captain. His involvement has motivated others to support the cause and that's really his goal. "Plain and simple, I volunteer to get the word out and educate others about the power of early detection so they might not have to go through what I did."

The 46-year-old Alexandria, Virginia resident, who serves on both the speakers bureau and the board of directors of the NKF serving the National Capital area, is the proud father of a 16-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. Phillips enjoys  spending time with his kids, his friends and his motorcycle when he’s not working or volunteering for NKF.

Visit www.kidneywalk.org to find a Kidney Walk in your area and to start rallying your friends and colleagues to step up for the cause.