Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer

Most Americans today feel stretched to the limit and can’t imagine fitting in another commitment to their already overflowing calendars. Yet, many have found that volunteering is an activity worth scheduling because of the surprising benefits it offers. Thousands who  get involved in causes report that they get back much more  than they give. This month, the National Kidney Foundation offers the Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer:

  1. Research shows that helping others is good for your health
  2. By helping educate others about important issues, such as kidney disease, you  yourself learn so much about health that can impact your own life
  3. If you’re personally touched by a cause or disease, it’s rewarding to share your experience and knowledge with others in a similar situation
  4. Volunteering offers the chance to be part of a larger community of like-minded people. New friendships are created as well as connections with others who share your vision and passion
  5. Most people find it feels better to give than to receive. When you can make an impact on causes you care about and enrich the lives of those in need, you feel much better about your own life in the process.