KEEP Healthy

CollegeA College Education is Good For Your Health

Recent data from the Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) showed a strong link between education and health. Researchers studied 60,000 KEEP participants and found that higher education was associated with lower rates of chronic disease, across races and ethnicities. College graduates had 11% lower odds of decreased kidney function and 37% lower odds of cardiovascular disease—a known risk factor for kidney disease. They also found that college graduates had 24% lower mortality rates compared with high school graduates. This study found that educational status is linked to risk factors, such as smoking, poor diet and nutrition and lack of exercise. Those with higher education have access to information, recognize the implications of behavior and choose actions that optimize their health. Educational differences appear to give rise to health disparities and so, the NKF is committed to providing health information and continuing its education initiatives targeted to those at risk.