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5 Ways to KEEP Healthy On-The-Go This Summer5 Ways to KEEP Healthy "On-The-Go" This Summer

The weather's starting to warm up and for many, this means getting outside to enjoy it. Whether at the baseball stadium or picnicking in the park, there are ways to KEEP Healthy while taking advantage of the outdoor activities, adventures and travels that come along with summer.

High blood pressure and diabetes are the two leading causes of chronic kidney disease, so it's important to manage these conditions no matter where this summer leads you. As always, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before starting a new diet or exercise plan.

Here are five ways to KEEP Healthy this summer whether "on-the-go" or close to home:

  1. At the ballpark - as a spectator, root, root, root for the home team! But stand up and walk around instead of sitting the entire time. Studies have shown that sitting for more than 8 hours a day increases your risk for developing chronic kidney disease. Also, try to take the staircase wherever possible, instead of riding the elevator or escalator. As a player, enjoy the camaraderie of team sports with the physical activity that comes along with it. It's easier to work out when it feels like play.
  2. At the pool - if you have trouble with your back or joints, swimming or walking in water are great ways to incorporate cardiovascular activity into your summer routine. Swimming is a great, low-impact physical activity, because it keeps your weight off your joints. Don't forget your sunscreen!
  3. At the park - pack a healthy picnic and have a good time! Instead of skipping your workout, incorporate physical activity into your day at the park. Playing catch and kicking a soccer ball are ways to have fun and get moving at the same time! Not up for sports? Find a walking or biking buddy and get your heart pumping while logging miles. To count your steps, wear a pedometer or use a mobile app that will help you monitor your physical activity. Aim to log at least 30 minutes of physical activity, five times a week. You may need to build up to that goal.
  4. At the carnival - amusement parks, county fairs and carnivals are filled with thrills, but also lots of junk food temptations! Try to avoid the choices that are loaded with sodium, sugar and fat. Opt for unsalted peanuts, salad or if the park allows, bring in your own healthy snacks to keep you feeling full without weighing you down or wrecking your diet and your kidneys.
  5. At the beach - In addition to applying sunscreen and spending some time in the shade, be sure to protect your kidneys by staying well-hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids and keep a water bottle handy. In the summer, more people experience kidney stones due to dehydration, so drink water to prevent kidney stones, dehydration and bladder infections.

*KEEP Healthy offers general health information. Before you start any diet or exercise plan, you should consult your doctor.

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