Rose Shervey

Dialysis Patient Rose Shervey Celebrates 100th Birthday

Rose Shervey of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, just celebrated her 100th birthday this past October. What makes this milestone even more remarkable is that Rose has kidney disease and undergoes dialysis two times a week. Though there are many dialysis patients in their 80s and 90s, staff members at St. Joseph’s Hospital, an affiliate of Hospital Sisters Health System can’t recall anyone who was 100.

High blood pressure and her advanced age led Shervey to begin dialysis in 2009. But Shervey has an amazing attitude regarding her treatments. She never complains and says, “I can’t mind it.” Having lived through many major events in history over the past 10 decades, Rose herself never thought she would see the 100-year mark. So what exactly is Shervey’s secret?

It could be the black cap she wears to bed every night. Perhaps it’s her love of chocolate. Or maybe cheering for her favorite baseball and football teams (Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers) keeps Shervey feeling good.

No matter what it may be, happy birthday Rose — and many more.