Are You the 33%?

February 10, 2020, 9:24am EST

Imagine you’re in a traffic jam with a uber on your left, a semi-truck to your right, and a mom driving a minivan in front of you. Look around, did you know that 33 percent of your fellow drivers are at risk for kidney disease?


That’s right, 1 in 3 adults in America are at risk of life-threatening kidney disease and unbelievable most don’t know it. We want to change that.

Take this one-minute quiz to find out if you are in the 33 percent. It could save your life.
Right now, 37 million Americans are affected by kidney disease. Most won’t have any symptoms unless their kidneys fail. Our kidneys are vital organs that are as important as your heart, liver, or lungs. No one can live without functioning kidneys. When kidneys fail, only immediate dialysis or a transplant can save you.
We want to change these numbers – every adult in the United States needs to know their risk. Find out if you are part of the 33 percent with this simple online quiz and share it with your loved ones. 

Who is at risk?

If you have one of these five risk factors, you are at risk for kidney disease:

  • High blood pressure is a major cause of kidney disease. High blood pressure can be controlled with healthy lifestyle choices and medicines.
  • Your heart and kidneys work together to keep you healthy. So, if you have heart disease, then your kidneys will be affected.  And if you have kidney disease, your heart will be affected. Along with a healthy lifestyle, there are treatments for heart disease you should discuss with your doctor.
  • Diabetes is a major cause of kidney disease and can be controlled with healthy lifestyle choices and medicines.
  • If you’re overweight or obese, you have a greater chance of developing diabetes or high blood pressure, which are the leading causes of kidney disease and kidney failure. Being overweight or obese can also harm your kidneys directly.
  • People with a family history of kidney disease are 2-to-3 times more likely to get kidney disease or kidney failure. Discuss family history with your doctor

If you or a family member have one or more of these factors, go to right now and find out what to do next and how to talk to your doctor.
Life-threatening kidney disease can strike anyone, young or old, and has many causes. Early intervention can make a difference. Lifestyle changes and a healthy diet can sometimes slow the progression of the disease when caught in the early stages, and sometimes can stop kidney failure.

Take the first step

The first step to preventing kidney failure is knowing your risk. With one minute to spare, go to and understand your risk for developing kidney disease. When was the last time a minute held so much value?
The second step is to get tested. Two simple tests, one blood and one urine, can let your doctor know how your kidneys are doing. A blood test shows how well the kidneys are working, and a urine test shows if the kidneys are leaking too much protein. When the kidneys leak too much protein, you may have kidney damage.

How can you help?

Share the risk quiz on your social media. It could save a loved ones life.
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One in every three adults in the United States are at risk for kidney disease and most don’t even know it. The National Kidney Foundation wants you to take a #MinuteForYourKidneys with this quick, one-minute quiz to see where you stand.

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