Patient & Family Council

The Patient and Family Council (PFC) was founded in 1995 by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and their families. It provides an avenue for patients to express their concerns and identify problems so that the NKF can help address those concerns and problems in an effective way.

Mission Statement:

PFC serves to strengthen patient and family involvement in all National Kidney Foundation activities and guides the Foundation's work in accomplishing its ultimate goal...the total eradication of all diseases of the kidney and urinary tract.


  • Education -- to educate and empower individuals and families affected by CKD to make informed decisions about the quality of care they or their loved ones receive
  • Legislation -- to provide a stronger and more unified voice on local and national legislative issues
  • Advocacy -- to give patients and families a vehicle by which they can express their concerns and identify problems so that the NKF can address those issues
  • Programs and Services -- to increase the number of NKF volunteers who will bring information and new ideas for programs and services
  • Communication -- to increase communication between council members and the NKF on both a local and national level
  • Awareness -- to provide members with information about local and national programs and services within the NKF and the kidney disease community.

Membership Benefits Include

  • Opportunity to participate in national patient education programs
  • A toll-free information hotline available weekdays for questions and concerns
  • Access to all current NKF educational brochures, publications and videos
  • Opportunity to participate in legislative activities
  • An e-mail listserv to receive updates about important kidney disease topics

Meet the Patient and Family Council Executive Committee Members