Recognized Chapter Award (RCA)

On an annual basis, the Recognized Chapter Award serves to honor two affiliated CNSW Chapters with an outstanding record of activity and achievement. There is an award for Chapters with 20 or less active members and another for Chapters whose active membership exceeds 20. It is important to note that, for an application to be submitted, a minimum of 50% of those considered to be CNSW Chapter members must also be members of national CNSW. If less than 50% of your Chapter's active membership are national CNSW members, do not complete this application. Chapter projects and activities will be reviewed for the time period of January 1 through December 31 of the preceding year. In addition to being recognized at the CNSW Professional Council Conference, the Chapter's accomplishments will be highlighted in Renalink.

All eligible CNSW Chapters are encouraged to submit an application for this award. Nominations must be submitted in writing in the required format to the appropriate Regional Representative by August 15. No late nominations will be accepted. Winners will be decided by a majority vote of the CNSW Executive Committee.

Chapter activities will be reviewed based on the following:

  1. Development of patient focused materials and activities, i.e. innovative programs, seminars and/or groups that are patient-related.
  2. Development of professional educational materials, i.e. innovative programs, conferences, written materials and/or outreach related to professional issues.
  3. Other Chapter activities, i.e. research projects, legislative advocacy, etc.
  4. Collaboration/involvement with NKF affiliates, national NKF and/or other renal or related organizations.
  5. Cooperation with Chapter communication responsibilities to national CNSW, i.e. communication with Regional Representative, timely submission of Renalink Chapter reports and Chapter recertification form.

Please remember that this award is meant to acknowledge the accomplishments of Chapters, not individual members. Except for those listed under collaborative efforts, activities reported must be CNSW Chapter activities as opposed to NKF Affiliate or other committee activities in which CNSW members participate.

Nomination Form (27kb download)
You can print it out and fill it out by hand and send it to the address listed.