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Many city, state, federal and private companies provide workplace giving campaigns to support their employees' philanthropy. Employees can support charities like the National Kidney Foundation and give a one-time contribution, set-up monthly payroll deductions and request a corporate matching gift, if offered.

What is the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) code for the NKF?

The CFC designation number is 12003. The CFC is a workplace giving program for federal employees. For more information on how to connect with your office's CFC campaign, please visit

How do payroll deductions work?

Through payroll deductions, employees can spread their contributions throughout the year with automatic, tax-deductible contributions taken out of their paychecks. It also gives the NKF steady and predictable resources to dedicate to programs and services.

Your monthly contribution makes a difference:

  • $1000 informs 40 people of kidney disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices through community based education seminars
  • $500 screens 20 people for kidney disease risk factors
  • $250 educates 8 doctors on the latest research and care
  • $100 empowers 4 people to choose the best treatment option for their kidney failure
  • $50 enables 2 patients to benefit from personal peer mentoring
  • $25 supports 1 patient or loved one with information and education, online and on the phone

How can I get my company more involved with the NKF?

There are many ways you can raise awareness about the National Kidney Foundation through your company's workplace giving campaign. One example is to ask your employer to feature or profile the NKF as a charity of choice during the annual giving campaign season.

Companies want to empower employees by supporting causes their employees are passionate about. Contact us for materials and to discuss other opportunities for partnership.

Who can I contact if I do not see the NKF listed in my workplace campaign?

If you don't see the National Kidney Foundation listed in your workplace giving campaigns or you are interested in starting an internal employee fundraising campaign, please contact us.

The National Kidney Foundation is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code: EIN 13-1673104.

Can I give directly to the National Kidney Foundation?

Sure, you can donate directly to the NKF right now! If you would like to set-up an automatic recurring gift by credit card, please make sure to check off the "recurring gift" option on your online form.

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