The National Kidney Foundation (NKF), leader in patient education and support, is developing new ways to support living organ donors, potential donors, healthcare professionals, family and friends. Through educational and supportive resources, consensus conferences with medical professionals and legislative initiatives, the NKF works to represent living donor views on:

  • Education and information needs for families and professionals
  • Public policy issues to improve the care provided to donors
  • Medical concerns before, during and after donation
  • Financial, employment and insurance issues before, during and after donation
  • Emotional issues surrounding living donation
  • Relationships with recipients and family members
  • The live donor experience

The NKF also serves as a communication link among living donors and between donors and the transplant community. Everyone interested in these issues is welcome to join our email list to receive periodic updates about new resources and public policy initiatives.

The mission of the Living Donor Council is:

  • To enhance all aspects of the living donation process, including but not limited to, the decision whether or not to donate, the procedure and post-donation care
  • To provide educational and support resources at all phases of living donation
  • To advocate on behalf of living donors and potential donors
  • To utilize the experiences of living donors in order to educate prospective donors, increase awareness of the needs of living donors and those considering donation, and enhance the living donation process.


Meet the 2012 Living Donor Council (LDC) Executive Committee

The National Kidney Foundation's Living Donor Council (LDC) Executive Committee is comprised of both living donors and professionals and is responsible for assisting NKF in identifying unmet needs for living kidney donors and those considering donation, developing programs and resources to meet those needs, and being advocates for donors and potential donors.