Transplant Chronicles Summer 2013

Protect the Skin You're In

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer to develop in organ transplant recipients? Find out how to protect yourself with three important steps.

What's the D-eal with Vitamin D?

Low vitamin D levels are very common after transplantation and vitamin D deficiencies can lead to bone and muscle health issues. Find out what constitutes "low levels" and how to ensure you're getting enough of this critical nutrient.

A Decision To Quit Smoking Helped Save a Life

After smoking for 40 years, Joanne Stingo Iuliucci changed her life forever when she decided to quit. Quitting can be difficult, but smokers are not alone. Find out how she saved her health and learn how you can too!

Having Children After Your Transplant -- 10 FAQs

If you've had a transplant and want to be a mother, learn more about post-transplant pregnancies with these frequently asked questions on the subject.

JusticeAfter Many Dead Ends, One Stop Leads to a New Kidney

Elana Saperstein had many doors close in her face when trying to find a match for her dad. She never realized that one good deed would change her life forever. Find out how this decision resulted in a new kidney for Saperstein's dad.


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