Transplant Chronicles Winter 2013

Izzie’s Gifts

By Lora Ward Wilson

Isabelle Christenson was determined not to let her multiple transplants and complicated health needs stand in the way of being a normal kid. From taking dance lessons to hoola hooping, Izzie’s resolve to live life to the fullest serves an inspiration to young and old. Read Izzie’s touching story.

Photo Credit: What You Need to Know

Brandon Viehmann PT, DPT

Osteoporosis, or bone thinning, is a disease that has many risk factors. For transplant recipients, osteoporosis is usually caused by issues related to end stage chronic disease. Learn the risk factors and find out how to protect your bone health.

Make Your Voice Heard

Please contact your Senators today through our TAKE ACTION NETWORK to tell them how the immunosuppressive bill would impact you.

Ben CharlsonLegislative Update — Transplantation:

Medicare coverage is a hot button issue for many kidney transplant recipients who must take immunosuppressive drugs for the life of their transplant. From Capitol Hill to your inbox, get the latest NKF updates on expanding this coverage, increasing the availability of organs for transplantation, and more.

JusticeLifelong Disease Doesn’t Stop This Kidney Patient in His Tracks

Peter Schildman’s Story

Most people with Peter Schildman’s form of kidney disease don’t survive past childhood. Peter refuses to let his three kidney transplants stop him from exploring new places and learning German. Check out Peter’s personal story about his battle with congenital nephrotic syndrome.


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