Transplant Chronicles Spring 2009


How to Relieve Medication Side Effects in Transplantation

By Shirley Schlessinger, MD

Medication Side EffectsAlmost every transplant patient experiences some side effects from their medications. But most of these are relatively common, and adjustments can usually be made to help alleviate the problem.

Read on for important advice on dealing with common medication side effects.


Siarah's Story: A Baby's Journey to Transplantation

By Diana Ayala

When Siarah Janay was only a few months old, she was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome. But after Siarah's father donated his kidney, she has been living a normal childhood.

Click here to read Siarah's moving personal story.












Metabolic Syndrome after Kidney Transplantation-Are You at Risk?



By Janelle E. Gonyea, RD., LD

Glucose MeterAfter receiving a new kidney, you naturally look forward to freedom from the restrictive diet you followed while you were waiting for a transplant. While you will again be able to enjoy foods rich in potassium and phosphorus, you must balance this with a heart healthy diet that promotes a healthy body weight. If you are unable to strike this balance, you might be talking with your physician about something called metabolic syndrome.

Learn more about metabolic syndrome—and how to avoid it—here.




Sleep Apnea




By Laurel Williams, RN, MS, CCTC

Sleep ApneaSleep apnea may not be something we think about frequently in "transplant patients." However, with good long-term survival rates for transplant patients we should expect to see the same medical conditions in transplant patients that are experienced in the general population. And there are more than 12 million Americans who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Read on to learn more about sleep apnea and who is most likely to have it.






Transplant News






Compiled by Jim Warren

Stay up-to-date with the major headlines! Read Jim Warren’s compilation of the latest news in the transplant world here.




Protect Your Mind

By Chris L. Wells, PhD., PT, CCS, ATC

Protect Your MindBesides the changes that transplantation can bring, the body changes as we age-including the brain. There are declines in memory, mental speed, and flexibility with natural aging. But there are things we can do to maintain our brain health as time goes by.

Discover simple tips to delay the aging process here.
















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