NKF & National Kidney Registry Partnership Marks Milestone

~National Kidney Foundation Celebrates 100 Successful Kidney Transplants Through Peer Mentoring in Partnership with National Kidney Registry~


(September 19, 2023, New York, NY) — The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is thrilled to mark a significant milestone in its ongoing mission to save lives and promote kidney health. In collaboration with the National Kidney Registry (NKR), NKF is proud to announce the 100th successful kidney transplant in the last 12 months, through the Donor Connect Peers program. The achievement underscores the profound impact of this partnership in advancing organ donation and transplantation.

This success is a direct reflection of NKF's steadfast commitment to raising awareness about kidney health and the critical importance of organ donation. By harnessing the synergy of their partnership, NKR and NKF have created a simpler, more streamlined way for individuals to explore organ donation and transplantation online. Through the partnership, visitors to kidney.org/transplantation can seamlessly navigate the donation process, access self-paced educational resources on becoming a living donor, and register through NKR's user-friendly donor registration form.

The Donor Connect Peers program is a pioneering initiative that plays a pivotal role in supporting potential living donors. Meticulously crafted to assist individuals considering kidney donation and led by a Living Donor, the initiative pairs potential living donors with trained living donor peer mentors. Peer mentors have personally undergone the donor evaluation process, surgery, recovery, and post-donation life, and offer invaluable insights and emotional support to potential donors.

NKF peer mentors have effectively mentored over 3,500 living donors, guiding them on their journeys toward life-saving contributions. Their empathetic and knowledgeable guidance has empowered 100 individuals to donate their kidneys over the past year, ultimately leading to successful transplants and transformative outcomes for both donors and recipients alike.

"Reaching this milestone is a testament to the dedication of our team and the power of collaboration,” said Kevin Longino, CEO of the NKF and a kidney transplant recipient. “We are immensely grateful to the National Kidney Registry for their partnership and to our incredible donor peer mentors who selflessly share their experiences to make a positive impact on countless lives."

“We are thrilled to be saving and improving lives through our partnership with the NKF and look forward to doubling these spectacular results in the next two years,“ said Garet Hil NKR CEO and living kidney donor.

The collaborative efforts between NKF and NKR have ignited a movement of awareness and compassion for kidney health and organ donation. The Donor Connect Peers program will continue to pave the way for a brighter future, where more lives are saved through organ donation.

For more information on how to donate and be a part of this life-saving mission, please visit https://www.kidney.org/transplantation/how-to-donate

About Kidney Disease

In the United States, 37 million adults are estimated to have kidney disease, also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD)—and approximately 90 percent don’t know they have it.  About 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. are at risk for kidney disease.  Risk factors for kidney disease include diabeteshigh blood pressureheart diseaseobesity, and family history. People of Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian American, or Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander descent are at increased risk for developing the disease. Black or African American people are more than four times as likely as White Americans to have kidney failure. Hispanics experience kidney failure at about double the rate of White people.

About the National Kidney Foundation
The National Kidney Foundation is revolutionizing the fight to save lives by eliminating preventable kidney disease, accelerating innovation for the dignity of the patient experience, and dismantling structural inequities in kidney care, dialysis, and transplantation. For more information about NKF, visit www.kidney.org.