CRN Elections

CRN Candidates


Matilde Ladnier, MBA, RD, LD
Davita Kidney Care, Sugar Land, TX

My goal is to help the renal dietitian gain confidence about being a very important part of the team that will help decrease the number of patients on dialysis. These renal dietitians need the tools, innovation, and effective payment models from private insurances and CMS. Renal dietitians can definitely contribute to lower the cost of healthcare through efforts to prevent and slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease and also help increase the number of patients receiving home modalities, as well as more successful and lasting transplants, all with expert CKD education.


Region II Representative

Toni DeVane, MS, RDN, CSR, LDN, CNSC
Pentec Health, Inc., Elizabethtown, NC

If elected as Region 2 Representative, I aspire to be a renal subject matter to all renal dietitians in Region 2. I hope to be able to provide renal dietitians the tools and education to continue support patients with AKI, CKD, ESRD, and posttransplant recipients. I would also like to promote the importance of becoming board certified in renal nutrition and to develop tools for successful completion.

Ruba Jibreen, MS, RD, CSR, LD, MBA
Emory Dialysis, Lawrenceville, GA

Renal field faces many challenges. Among those challenges are lack of awareness and preventative programs. Patients may go through the early stages of CKD without realizing and end up on dialysis due to lack of resources and appropriate education. With all the initiatives aiming at the early detection, prevention and treatment of CKD, renal nutrition remains lagging behind. Renal dietitians lack the recognition and support they deserve for their crucial role and expertise.

My goal in the office is to support my fellow dietitians in their vital role as educators and practitioners by providing the means and resources they need. Also, I would like to work at the local and national level to provide education and support to clinicians, patients, and caregivers in their fight against CKD by providing awareness and education programs.


Region IV Representative          

Carol Lim, RD, LD
Fresenius Medical Care, Sugar Land, TX

If elected Region IV Representative, my goals for office include continuing membership growth and improving communication with local chapters.

Growth: As part of the Membership committee, I promoted NKF membership among dietitians while working with local CRN chapters. In 2019, NKF increased dietitian membership by greater than 20%. I intend to help maintain this momentum.

Communication: As the Region IV Alternative Representative and point-of contact for chapter chairs, I kept local chapters informed about NKF news, reaffiliation notices, award nominations, and continued education opportunities. I intend to continue strengthening our connections with local chapters, including increasing recruitment for national NKF positions.


Region IV Alternate Representative        

Shannon Bares, RD, CSR, LD
US Renal Care, Gallup, NM

My goal for office is to maintain the highest standard of communication and dissemination of the latest developments in renal care and legislative and policy updates via new and long-standing member engagement, as well as through the regional reports in RenaLink. If selected, I plan to join any standing committee that needs a position filled, but based on previous experience, ideally this would be as a newsletter co-editor. I would like to extend my passion for renal care and education beyond the work setting and collaborate with experts who share this passion.

KaToya Carter, MBA, RD, LD, CDE
Fresenius Kidney Care, Rosharon, TX

If elected, I plan to increase membership in CRN, education, and awareness of scarcity of resources for patients with varying stages of CKD and emphasize an empathetic approach to assisting patients in meeting their most basic needs; while managing their disease state.