CRN Elections

2021 Candidates


Jill Hoyt, RDN, CD
Mayo Clinic Health System
Durand, WI
Goals for office: If elected chair-elect, I plan to support the Chairperson to carry out the mission of the Council on Renal Nutrition, including continuing current projects, updating education resources, supporting Region Representatives and their local chapters, and taking on new challenges.  I specifically hope to continue our efforts in promoting MNT for CKD patients and increase dietitian referrals.
Nikki Nygren-Stevenson, RD, FNKF
Northwest Kidney Centers
Renton, WA
Goals for office: As a Region Rep for 4 years, my focus has been to learn, grow, and provide support for renal dietitians and local CRN chapters. As Chair-Elect, I want to continue these goals and strengthen our voices by:
  1. Promoting the importance of early diet intervention with doctors and patients, while providing education for dietitians working with early-stage kidney disease. 
  2. Providing better support for local CRN chapters with membership and committee positions. Our local chapter can be stronger if we create transitional guidelines and welcome new members with goals and encouragement for professional growth both locally and nationally.


Region I* Representative

Marisol Kramer, RD, LDN
Pure Life Renal
North Quincy, MA
Goals for office: Identifying the needs of the Region and how I can best assist will be my first goal. Initially, I would familiarize myself with the CRN chapters in my region to get a feeling for what is needed, serve as the liaison and learn in the process. I learned that it was important to serve as the Chair-Elect before stepping up to the Chair Position for my CRN chapter so I could better understand the role. With the pandemic my goal was to continue to provide a way for Dietitians to earn CEUs and stay connected through our conferences so going virtual was a great learning experience for me. Communicating with the Program Director at the chapter office and moving all of our meetings to the Zoom virtual platform was key to getting the job done. I would be interested in learning from the CRN Chapters what worked for them and what didn’t in communicating and learning during the pandemic. What platforms were the best and what apps if any assisted in meeting each individual chapter’s goals. To help meet my goal I would plan on having a virtual call for all of the Region I CRN Chapter Chairs to attend and share ideas.


Region I Alternate Representative

Ann Pittaoulis, RD, LDN
Pentec Health
Philadelphia, PA
Goals for office: Support the region as the alternate representative. Promote feedback from the locals CRNs to the national board. Encourage renal dietitians to become national members and get involved. Get to know the concerns and issues at the ground level. Work closely with the Region 1 Rep to support them.


Region III** Representative

Michelle Adams, MS, RD, CSR, LD
St. Louis VA Health Care System
Chesterfield, MO
Goals for office: If elected, I would work to establish improved NCP standards for renal nutrition care and documentation, as this is an ever-changing area with great potential and room for improvement. I would also work to ensure ease of access to current/updated renal nutrition therapy standards, as well as improved education to patients and the community. Additionally, I would work to increase the number of local CRN chapters and participation in Region III.
Jennifer Bazzanella, RDN, CD, MBA
Fresenius Medical Care
Windsor, WI
Goals for office: Through both the NKF & the local CRN groups, we can increase both the awareness and engagement of renal dietitians. This can be accomplished by providing the dietitians with the latest research along with available educational opportunities to obtain the research at hand. If selected for the position of Region III Representative, my goal would be to be an engaged and active liaison to the various local CRN groups. Through my strong interpersonal skills, this would include being available to assist renal dietitians with their questions and/or affiliation regarding both the NKF as well as the various CRN chapters.
Heidi Haas, MS, RDN, LD, CD
Tri-State Dialysis
Lancaster, WI
Goals for office: My goal is to increase participation at the local level and increase NKF memberships through education on the benefits CRN/NKF provides. Continue current education updates to clarify information for other renal RD's and patients accessing the NKF site and also collaborate with the AND Renal Practice Group when opportunities arise.


Region V*** Representative

Julius Navarro, RDN, CSR, CNSC, LD
National Renal Care, LLC
Reseda, CA
Goals for office: It is an honor to serve NKF CRN and to represent my region. The following are my goals in line with the mission statement of the organization:
  1. Improving the quality of life for CKD patients through CRN members and renal dietitians' active participation in keeping up to date in education, training, research, and collaboration with others that has direct and indirect involvement in quality care and good clinical outcomes. 
  2. Promoting two-way communication among members and leaders to translate plans.
Sara Prato, MS, RDN
Puget Sound Kidney Centers
Colorado Springs, CO
Goals for office: My goal for office is to serve as a liaison to CRN groups in Region V and support these members to the best of my ability. I intend to communicate the suggestions and requests of the CRN members in Region V to the CRN Executive Committee. I plan to encourage CRN membership and involvement among Region V Dietitians. I look forward to assisting renal dietitians in finding professional education and patient education resources. Lastly, I will commit to bringing forward issues that impact renal nutrition and help to find innovative ways to address these issues. Thank you for your consideration.
Maiya Slusser, MS, RD, CD, CNSC
Patient Care America
Seattle, WA
Goals for office: First and foremost, my goal is to develop a good rapport with CRN chapters and be an active listener to best understand their needs and goals for their chapter. Additionally, as a liaison, it is important to make sure information is disseminated quickly, accurately, and in an easy-to-understand format for a diverse group of RDs.  Examples, where this is needed, include the confusion around the switch from CDR CE approval to Joint Accreditation CE approval and the changes that entail in education planning as well as ongoing changes as we adapt to the Covid pandemic.


*Region I includes: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Africa, Canada (New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Is, Quebec)
**Region III includes: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan)
***Region V includes: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Asia, Australia, Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory), Middle East