Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Council on Renal Nutrition (CRN) functions as a professional council within the framework of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and networks with other organizations to support the National Kidney Foundation's goal of making lives better for those with chronic kidney disease through education, outreach and research in the field of nutrition as it pertains to prevention, eradication and treatment of kidney and urologic diseases.

Executive Committee

The NKF-CRN Executive Committee, as listed below, meets several times a year. Its members are eager to help you with any questions regarding NKF-CRN and professional issues related to the practice of renal nutrition. Executive Committee meetings are held during the NKF Spring Clinical Meetings each year, and via quarterly conference calls during the rest of the year. 

The CRN National Membership elects most of the members of the Executive Committee. Committee members also serve on various ad hoc committees to develop special projects and position papers to further the goals, priorities, and interests of CRN.

The Executive Committee members are listed below. Please feel free to contact your Region Representative or any other Executive Committee member at any time to provide us with your ideas, to volunteer for a special project, or whenever you need additional information. There are five CRN regions. Determine your region representative. CRN also has Alternate Region Representative, who can provide you with additional assistance.

The effectiveness of the Executive Committee is directly related to knowing and responding to the needs of Local Chapters and Members.

Chair Kristen Nonahal, RD, FNKF
(313) 916-2705
Beth Shanaman, RD, FNKF
(206) 720-3988
Immediate Past Chair
Christine Benedetti, MS, RDN, CSR, LD, FNKF
(706) 338-2282
Publications Chair
Haewook Han, PHD, RD, CSR, LDN, FNKF
(617) 320-2804
SCM Program Chair
Beth Morlang, RD, LDN, FNKF
(321) 722-2649 
SCM Program Co-Chair Melissa Prest, DCN, RDN, CSR, LDN
(312) 342-9968
Strategies I Director
Pamela Kent, MS, RD, CDE, LD
Strategies II Director
Mary Sundell, MLAS, RD, LDN, FNKF
(615) 479-5542
Judy R. Kirk, MS, RDN, CDN, CSR, FNKF
Region I Representative/
Patient & Public Education Chair
(585) 794-0226
Belinda Shanley, MS, RD, CSR, CDN, FNKF
Region I Alternate Representative
(203) 891-8992
Ruba Jibreen, MS, RD, CSR, LD, MBA
Region II Representative/Awards Chair
(770) 608-5129
Scott Kimner, MPH, RD, LD
Region II Alternate Representative
(678) 773-3429
Karen Greathouse, RD
Region III Representative/
CyberNephrology Chair
(313) 575-8503
Jill Hoyt, RD, CD
Region III Alternate Representative
(715) 838-3988
Matilde Ladnier, RD, LD, MBA
Region IV Representative/Membership Chair 
(281) 277-0692
Carol Lim, RD, LD
Region IV Alternate Representative 
Nikki Nygren, RD, CD
Region V Representative/
Research, Professional Education Chair 
(206) 799-7273
Leah Beaird, MS, RD
Region V Alternate Representative
(602) 741-9310

Recipe Contest

NKF CRN is excited to announce the kidney-friendly Recipe Contest! Submissions are accepted until December 1, 2019. The winner will receive a $100 gift card to the NKF Store!
Please note the following Recipe Contest Guidelines:
General guidelines:
  • Contestants must be a Registered Dietitian
  • Provide a color JPEG image of the prepared recipe
  • Recipe must be original and not previously appeared in any print or online
  • Previous winners are not eligible to participate
Recipe Details:
  • Recipes can be for CKD or dialysis patients (please specify CKD/Dialysis and indicate whether diabetic-friendly as well)
  • Indicate category dish falls in (i.e. entrée, side dish, dessert)
  • Recipes must include: number of servings, measurements of each ingredient, steps for preparation, and nutrition analysis (indicate which analysis tool was used)
  • Nutrition analysis standard (per serving):
    • Entrée: Phos <250mg; Sodium <500mg; Potassium <450mg
      • Diabetic: same as above but with Carbohydrates <45gm
    • Side Dish/Dessert: Phos <125mg; Sodium <250mg; Potassium <200mg
      • Diabetic: same as above but with Carbohydrates <30mg
Additional information:
  • There is no limit to the number of recipes an individual can submit
  • Once recipe is submitted, it becomes property of NKF and can be published by NKF sources
  • If you have questions about the details or have a recipe to submit, contact Matilde Ladnier at matmirror@yahoo.com
View the 2019 Recipe Contest Winner's winning recipe here