Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Council on Renal Nutrition (CRN) functions as a professional council within the framework of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and networks with other organizations to support the National Kidney Foundation's goal of making lives better for those with chronic kidney disease through education, outreach and research in the field of nutrition as it pertains to prevention, eradication and treatment of kidney and urologic diseases.

CRN 5-year Goals and Accomplishments (2008-2012)

GOAL 1: Promote and encourage quality nutrition care of all patients with CKD
GOAL 2: Support the profession of the nephrology dietitian and promote professional education
GOAL 3: Develop and promote patient and public education
GOAL 4: Stimulate, support, encourage and disseminate nutrition-related research
GOAL 5: Impact regulatory and legislative issues
GOAL 6: Maintain and increase Council membership
GOAL 7: Maintain fiscal accountability within the NKF structure in support of CRN goals

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Executive Committee

CRN Executive Committee

The CRN Executive Committee is composed of fourteen members:

  • Chair
  • Associate Chair
  • Immediate Past Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Publications Chair and Co-Chair
  • Clinical Nephrology Program Chair and Co-Chair
  • Professional Education Chair
  • Regional Representatives of the five National Kidney Foundation Regions.

The NKF-CRN Executive Committee, as listed below, meets several times a year. Its members are eager to help you with any questions regarding NKF-CRN and professional issues related to the practice of renal nutrition. Executive Committee meetings are held during the NKF Clinical Nephrology Meeting in the spring and one additional time in the year. The additional meeting is coordinated with the NKF Board. CRN also has Alternate Region Representatives, who can provide you with additional assistance.

The CRN National Membership elects most of the members of the Executive Committee. Committee members also serve on various ad hoc committees to develop special projects and position papers to further the goals, priorities, and interests of CRN.

The Executive Committee members are listed below. Please feel free to contact your Region Representative or any other Executive Committee member at any time to provide us with your ideas, to volunteer for a special project, or whenever you need additional information. There are five CRN regions. Determine your region representative.

The effectiveness of the Executive Committee is directly related to knowing and responding to the needs of Local Chapters and Members.

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Judy R. Kirk, MS, RD, CDN, CSR
(585) 794-0226
Chair-Elect Laura J. Holden, MBA, RD, CSR
(602) 304-1977
Immediate Past Chair
Jean Stover, RD, LDN
(610) 306-4317
Secretary Vacant
SCM16 Program Chair Kristine D'Angelo David, RD
(860) 485-8739
SCM16 Program Co-Chair Beth Shanaman, RD
(206) 720-3988
Publications Editor Cathy M. Goeddeke-Merickel, MS, RD, LD
(402) 314-7814
Publications Co-Editor Nadiya Lakhani, RDN, CSR, LD
(214) 358- 2300 ext 6119
Sharon A. Zalemski, MS, RD, CDN
Region I Representative
Patient & Public Education Chair

(716) 631-4700
Virginia Vorhis, MS, RD, CSR, CDN
Region I Alternate Representative
(585) 922-0316
Christine Benedetti, MS, RD, CSR, LD
Region II Representative
Awards Chair

(706) 338-2282
Gwendolyn Harris, RD, LD
Region II Alternate Representative
(678) 508-2424
Kristen Nonahal, RD
Region III Representative
CyberNephrology Chair

(313) 916-2705
Cynthia K. Clancy, MS, RD, LD
Region III Representative
(314) 762-0089
Aida Moreno Brown, MS, RD, LD
Region IV Representative
Membership Chair
(915) 637-5060
Meredith Larsen, MS, RDN, LD
Region IV Alternate Representative
(214) 669-4912
Kathryn Schultz, RDN
Region V Representative
Research, Public Relations Chair

(480) 254-6666
Carolyn Peaslee MS, RD, LD
Region V Alternate Representative
(724) 272-0716
Professional Membership Director
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