NKF Council on Renal Nutrition

CRN Executive Committee

Feel free to contact your Region Representative or any other NKF-CRN Executive Committee member at any time to offer your ideas, to volunteer for a special project, or whenever you need additional information.

Read the CRN Rules & Regulations.


Jill Hoyt, RDN, CD, FNKF


Ruba Jibreen, MS, RD, CSR, LD, MBA, FNKF

Immediate Past Chair

Nikki Stevenson, RD, CD, FNKF

Publications Chair

Elizabeth Sussman-Dabach, PhD, RD, FCRS

SCM Program Chair

Janelle Gonyea, RDN, LD, FNKF

SCM Program Co-Chair

Rachael Majorowicz, RDN, CSR, LD, FNKF

Determine your region representative

Marisol Kramer, RD, LDN
Region I Representative/Patient & Public Education Chair
Desiree de Waal, MS, RD, CD, FAND 
Region I Alternate Representative
Veronique Pettitt, RD, CSR
Region II Representative/Awards Chair
Toni DeVane, MS, RDN, CSR, LDN, CNSC
Region II Alternate Representative
Jennifer Wyrick, RDN, CD, MBA
Region III Representative
Region III Alternate Representative
Carol Lim, RD, LD
Region IV Representative/Membership Chair 
Shannon Bares, RD, CSR, LD
Region IV Alternate Representative 
Sara Prato, MS, RDN, CSR 
Region V Representative/Research, Professional Education Chair 
Edith Yang, RD, CSR, CLT, FAND 
Region V Alternate Representative

Mission Statement

The NKF Council on Renal Nutrition (CRN) functions as a professional council within the framework of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and networks with other organizations to support the National Kidney Foundation's goal of making lives better for those with chronic kidney disease through education, outreach and research in the field of nutrition as it pertains to prevention, eradication and treatment of kidney and urologic diseases.