MDRD Study Equation

eGFR =
175 x (SCr)-1.154 x
(age)-0.203 x
0.742 [if female] x
1.212 [if Black]

Abbreviations / Units

eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate) = mL/min/1.73 m2

Scr (standardized serum creatinine) = mg/dL

age = years


  • Creatinine is assayed using methods that are traceable to IDMS assigned NIST certified reference materials. To learn more, go to

Clinical Use

  • Estimates GFR adjusted for body surface area.
  • Designed for use with laboratory creatinine values that are standardized to IDMS.
  • Is more accurate than creatinine clearance measured from 24-hour urine collections or estimated by the Cockcroft-Gault formula.
  • Was re-expressed in 2005 for use with a standardized serum creatinine assay which yields 5% percent lower values for serum creatinine concentration.


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