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Team Kidney Streams: 8 Fun Online Kidney Disease Fundraising Events

August 15, 2023, 9:26am EDT

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Gone are the days of being limited to in-person fundraising events. With Team Kidney Streams, you can combat kidney disease and help ensure everyone needing a kidney transplant gets one from the comfort of your home. Here are eight ideas to help you harness the power of the internet and create unique, exciting fundraising events that you and your community will love. 

1. Video game tournament

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Hosting a charity stream is a great way to engage your gaming community while raising money to help NKF fight kidney disease.

Here's how to hold one:

  1. Create a Teams Kidney Streams account on Tiltify and make a supportable team campaign.
  2. Choose a game, a first-place price, and your tournament date.
  3. Invite friends and fellow gamers to join the campaign and encourage everyone to fundraise. Consider offering an incentive for the team that raises the most money, like a GameStop gift card. 
  4. To encourage viewers, spread the word on social media, video game hobby groups, and community centers.
  5. On the day of, start the live stream and encourage viewers to donate while the players battle it out.
  6. Announce how much money was donated, thank the viewers, and give the tournament winner and the team who raised the most money their awards.

Need help creating a Tiltify event? Check out their tips and tutorials.

2. Virtual cooking or baking class

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Do you love cooking or baking and want to share your skills? Set up a virtual cooking class! To do so, create your Team Kidney Streams account, choose a recipe, and determine how much you'll charge participants. Share your registration page on social media and cooking forums. Be sure to include the ingredients and equipment needed to follow along. 

Once the recipe is finished, thank your watchers and share these nutritional resources with them;

3. Online auction

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An online auction is a fun way to unite people for an exciting night of bidding and winning. 

Here's how to create a successful online auction:

  1. Gather auction items: Ask local businesses and community groups to donate items or experiences to the auction. 
  2. Set up your campaign: Include information about the event, the cause, and instructions on how to participate. Display the auction items and provide descriptions, starting bids, and any relevant restrictions or conditions. 
  3. Promote the Auction: Choose the auction date and spread the word on social media, email newsletters, and local media outlets. Emphasize why you are raising money to encourage participation.
  4. Run the auction: Set up the live stream and share the rules. Include how participants can bid on items and what to expect if they win. 
  5. Express gratitude and send out prizes: Thank all the participants, share how much money was raised, and send the winners their items.

4. Virtual Fashion Show

Person dressed in tweed coat pinning garment pieces to dress form

Do you love fashion and want to fight kidney disease? Host a virtual fashion show to enjoy extraordinary designs while spreading information about kidney disease and raising money to help more people receive early diagnoses and better treatment.

Here's how:

  1. Choose a theme like "Next in Fashion," "Trash to Treasure," or "Under the Sea." 
  2. Create rules for the designers, including how long they have to work on outfits and how much money they can spend. Consider offering a first-place prize like a craft store gift card. 
  3. Find designers willing to participate at local colleges, nearby businesses, and online. Have the designers create a short video or photo slideshow to display their designs.
  4. Create Your Team Kidney Streams page and advertise on social media, community boards, and fashion forums. Explain why you're raising money and let the audience know they can vote for their favorite outfit via donation on the day of the show. The designer with the most money donated in their name wins!
  5. Collect all the videos and create a queue. 
  6. On the day of, reiterate the rules and have fun! Announce the winner and thank everyone for participating.

5. Vlog

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Do you have a daily vlog or lifestyle platform full of fans and community members? Leverage it to fight kidney disease. All you need to do is add a Tiltify donate button to your social media page and ask! 

You can also share this one-minute quiz to help your viewers determine whether they are at risk of kidney disease–you just may save a life!

6. Create and sip

Person on couch learning how to knit via online video

Are you an avid crafter? Whether you love knitting, sewing, or painting, share your skills with the world while supporting more kidney disease research and earlier diagnoses. 

Here's how:

  1. Create your Team Kidney Streams account.
  2. Choose a craft and create a list of needed supplies.
  3. Determine how much you'll charge participants. 
  4. Alcohol isn't kidney-friendly, so consider sharing a mocktail recipe that participants can make beforehand to enjoy during the event.
  5. Share your registration page and event date on social media and crafting forums.
  6. Have fun!

You can also share these animated videos that explain how the kidneys work, what kidney disease is, and how to test your kidney function.

7. Professional skills webinar

Person filming a webinar on the couch

Are you a leader in your professional field? Share your knowledge with other budding professionals in the form of a webinar while raising money to help stop rising rates of kidney disease. 

First, pick a topic relevant to your experience. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider questions about your profession that you can answer. 

Here are a few to inspire you:

  • What are the recent trends in your field, which ones matter, and how can others incorporate those into their business or position?
  • What are the big challenges in your field and how can people overcome them?
  • How can you increase workplace productivity?

Once you choose a topic, start researching, put a presentation together, and practice delivering the webinar. Then determine a ticket price, set up your Team Kidney Streams Page, and promote it on LinkedIn, professional forums, and local colleges. 

During the presentation, answer questions and encourage discussions between participants. Once the webinar is over, ask the audience to provide feedback and rate the presentation. Finally, announce how much money you raised and thank participants for their time. 

8. Live Stream

Person livestreaming playing guitar and singing

Raising money for a great cause is easy while live-streaming video games! Just add a Tiltify donate button to your favorite live streaming service, like Twitch or YouTube, and ask your viewers to contribute to the fight against kidney disease. 

You can also help your audiences get diagnosed with kidney disease earlier or help them avoid it altogether by sharing these resources;

Check out the NKF Blog for more stories and resources.

Join Team Kidney Streams

Team Kidney Streams allows you to fight kidney disease while doing what you love. Are you up for the challenge? 

It's easy to get started! Just follow these steps:

  1. Register
  2. Personalize the page with your story
  3. Customize your page
  4. Share it with your community

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