About Valentino H. Pasquarella, Sr.

Valentino H. Pasquarella, Sr. graduated Northeast Philadelphia High School in 1940 as President of the school and member of its city high school champion swim team. He graduated from Temple University in 1945 and shortly thereafter formed his own real estate business that he would operate for the next 50 years. Concurrently he served as an Associate Professor of real estate at Montgomery County Community College. Always developing new opportunities for young people, he became a popular mentor for many students and young professionals alike.

Val developed a progressive form of kidney disease that left him very ill and ultimately led to his need for a kidney transplant. He was very fortunate that a donor family, who after tragically losing their son, Joseph, at the age of only 18, donated a number of their son’s organs to needy patients. Val was one of the fortunate ones who received this precious gift of life.

Val’s health immediately improved and he was able to resume an active and productive life. Recognizing his good fortune he became an active supporter of the benefits of organ donation.

Val died at the age of 83 and his family is convinced that had he not received a kidney transplant he would have died many years earlier. Recognizing his tireless quest to further the advancement of young people throughout the Delaware Valley, the generosity of Val’s donor family and for the generosity of thousands of other donor families caused Val’s family and friends to establish the “Valentino H. Pasquarella, Sr. In-School Organ Donation Education Program,” a program designed to reach local school age children and their families on the need for and the benefits of organ and tissue donation.