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What's New?

Celebration Boxes! The NKF has partnered with the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital on a special pediatric program. Patients who are celebrating their birthday while on dialysis, or patients who are celebrating a transplant anniversary, are delivered gifts through the Celebration Box Program. Help us bring a smile to the face of pediatric patients by donating to this program – email mark.davis@kidney.org or cal 515-440-0402 x461 for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

37 million Americans are battling with Kidney Disease. You can help by simply volunteering a few hours of your time! Join us at one of our events or in the office to help spread the word about the 1 in 3 people at risks.

Check out our on-going opportunities here

NOW HIRING a media volunteer. Can you help spread the word about kidney health by doing outreach to local media? Learn more about the position and how you can apply here

Kidney Korner

Leslie Day lost her Father to kidney disease the same day that her classmate, Katherine Dostart, found out that she needed a kidney. To Leslie, this was a sign from God saying "do for Katherine what you can't do for your Dad." Leslie said that she didn't think she could go on living her life knowing that she had something to save Kate's life. The two were simply classmates, and now share the gift of life. They were both actively involved in the Kidney Walk this year and continue to show their support to the NKF.

Read more of their inspiring story here

Do you have an inspiring kidney story that you want to share with us? We love to know what's going on in our kidney community! If so, please email it to Hayley.bookey@kidney.org or call and share at 515.440.0402 ext. 463.

Donate your Car to Kidney Cars!

Make a car donation and help improve the lives of the millions of Americans affected by kidney disease. Donate now.