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Are you impatient for spring? Here are five delightful recipes to keep you cozy and satisfied while you wait.

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  1. Brown Rice with Pigeon Peas
  2. Creamy Pumpkin Coconut Soup
  3. White Bean Chili
  4. Mushroom Bolognese
  5. Tembleque
1. Brown Rice with...

Four-time Grammy winner Brian Kennedy knows a lot about writing and producing chart-topping hits. What he did not know was that his kidneys were quietly shutting down while his music career was rapidly taking off. 

After spending seven years on the transplant waitlist, his brother donated a kidney to him. 

Now Kennedy uses his second chance at life to raise awareness about kidney disease risk factors and to...

By the time Lindsay met her future husband Denis in college, he had been dealing with kidney issues for years. It was a normal part of life that both Denis and Lindsay acknowledged but didn't dwell on. 

Neither expected Denis' kidneys to fail in his early thirties. But when they did, Lindsay didn't hesitate. She gave him the gift of life–one of her kidneys. 

Another Part of Life


At the National Kidney Foundation, we are committed to educating people about their risk of kidney disease while dismantling structural inequities in kidney care, dialysis, and transplantation. 

We've made tremendous strides over the years, including the adoption of a race-free eGFR equation and passing the Securing the U.S. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network Act.

None of this would have been possible without...

Every year, millions of people get a health diagnosis that changes the course of their lives forever. For Nichole, this moment came in 2007. A few months after graduating high school, a routine physical for college revealed a devastating truth–Nichole’s kidneys were not functioning correctly.

Diagnosed with Kidney Disease

Nichole wasn’t expecting a call back from her doctor with bad news. 

“I gave a urine sample during my...

The expressed opinions of Dr. Mohottige are her own and do not reflect official VA policy or practice.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reports that veterans experience kidney disease 34% more than the general population. Currently, 600,000 veterans have kidney disease, 40,000 who have kidney failure.1 The VA performs around 160 kidney transplants per year, not counting transplants performed through...

Ben and Susan met by chance while dropping their children off at kindergarten more than twenty years ago. That was the start of a decades-long friendship between the children and families. 

Neither knew this chance meeting would one day lead to Ben giving Susan the ultimate gift–a kidney donation.

Catching Up

Ben and Susan stayed in touch after their kids graduated high school but didn't see each other as often. From prior...

When a deceased donor kidney becomes available, it is scored by the Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI). The lower the score, the longer the kidney is predicted to work. 

How is the KDPI used? When would someone consider a high-KDPI kidney? 

Dr. Anne Hummel, a transplant nephrologist, and Nicole Jefferson, a two-time high KDPI kidney transplant recipient, are here to give you the facts. 

The Kidney...

By Valerie Rinck, Advocacy Manager

On February 27th over 160 Voices for Kidney Health advocates headed to Capitol Hill to close out the 11th Annual Kidney Patient Summit. Advocates took over 200 meetings, bringing the kidney voice to the decision-makers to advance our legislative priorities. The National Kidney Foundation wants you to join in the festivities by participating remotely! There are numerous impactful actions individuals...

With a healthy toddler named Atticus at home, Tara and Josh Schwerdt weren't nervous about expanding their family. 

Halfway through Tara's second pregnancy, that sense of calm was shattered. An imaging test revealed that their baby's kidneys were not functioning correctly, but the full extent of the issue would only be known after Lockett was born.

A difficult decision

After finding their baby's...