Protecting Kidney Health Benefits the Brain

A new study suggests that kidney problems may raise the risk of brain disorders.

Over twenty six hundred individuals from the Netherlands were included in the study. Data showed a powerful connection between poor kidney function and a decreased blood flow to the brain. Along with this, data showed a growth in the risk of dementia, stroke and memory issues in the people who did have kidney problems.

The study conveys that safeguarding one’s kidneys will benefit the brain.

While linking kidney disease to brain disease is unsettling, it’s also important to point out the opportunity to stop the progression of these conditions.* Improving conditions can eventually lessen one’s risk of developing brain disease.

One in three Americans is at risk for kidney disease with the biggest risk factors including high blood pressure, family history of kidney failure, diabetes and being 60 years old or older. The National Kidney foundation works to educate and support those suffering from this disease.

Two things you can do to help.

1) Get tested.

A simple urine test can reveal if you have kidney disease as there are often no symptoms. Ask your doctors to check your kidneys. For more information click here


2) Donate a car.

Gift your unwanted vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation through Kidney Cars to help and support those suffering from this disease.

Protect the health of your kidneys, and also protect the health of your mind. All donated cars are tax deductible.